About M.E.


Hi, I'm Melissa and the "M" of M.E. 

I'm obsessed with makeup and BLING is my middle name! That is how I came up with the name for my custom jewelry and creations,  M.A.D. bling. 

I truly enjoy transforming any item into something unique and extraordinary! I make many of the handmade items in the store including the boxes, cards and gift bags. painting, crafting, creating and working in my garden is where you find me when I'm not loving on my little poodles.

My friend Erin and I have created a place where we can share our love of fashion and all things reSALE. When you come to our boutique you will always get our personal styling assistance. We will shop with you to find pieces that fit your unique STYLE.

Consider us your personal STYLE consultants.


...and you guessed it, I am Erin the "E" of M.E.  

I have been obsessed with thrift and consignment shopping since I was 17. I love all things girly and all things  STYLE! My favorite thing is to create show stopping style with accessories. Most recently I started

Your Style Maven Erin  consulting.

So, if you have a closet full of great items but just dont know how to put it all together, let me help!


second to shopping, of course, is my love of creating, I have one of a kind jewelry designs and accessories under my Te Amo  brand available in the boutique as well.


My dream has always been to open a boutique but it wasn't unti I met Melissa that the vision came clear. With our combined skills and backgrounds we have made something fabulous!