Contract Information

If you have any questions regarding any policy in the following contract, do not hesitate to inquire. It is our Goal to make our relationship as mutually beneficially, as well as being upfront and honest about our policies. If we do or do not accept certain items, please know we do pay attention to what styles and trends sell best in the store. We would love to see you make the maximum amount of money for the items we do consign.


The Following is a copy of what you will be required to sign when consigning with Style M.E. Boutique:

  • I agree to consign my item(s) to Style M.E. Boutique for a period of 60-days. I understand upon the sale of my item(s) I will receive 40% of the selling price minus sales tax and a buyers fee*** (see bottom note).

  • I agree to the full term of the of 60-day contract, including the last 7 days when items are discounted to 60% off. 

  • I agree that  by signing below , during the 60-day contract period, I will not try to seel any item(s) brought in on any other online store, online garage sale site or any other fashion.  Any accepted items that are currently posted on any external sites should be removed prior to items being brought to the store.

  • I understand that when my item(s) are brought in they will be examined very carefully for any damage (rips, stains, tears, missing buttons, etc.). If any damage is found while on the sales floor or if it is not sellable in it’s current condition, the reason is documented in our system and donated. 


Payment/ Pricing:

  • Payouts from your account are available anytime during business hours. anything greater than $20 will be paid by check, anything less will be paid in cash or store credit if you prefer. We ask that you use or pick up your proceeds by December 31 of the contract year. If you need your payout mailed we will deduct $1.00 automatically for postage and handling.

  • Any items may be marked down to coincide with sales, promotions, or to adjust merchandise price at the sole discretion of Style M.E. Boutique.

  • Item pricing is based on 1/3 of retail value (MSRP) of an item as well as age and condition of an item. 


Agreement between consignor and Style M.E. Boutique:

I have read this agreement and agree to the conditions of consignment. I hereby warrant, represent and attest to my legal ownership of any consigned apparel and that such apparel are free from liens, loans, legal proceedings and any other ownership encumbrances. Upon completion of the 60-day contract my item(s) become the Property of Style M.E. Boutique and are able to be donated to charitable organizations their store works with in the community.


***Buyers Fee: added to each items for labor of item (examining, entering, tagging, steaming, placing and removing items from the sales floor for donation). This is not split with the consignor.