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2 Great Things at Once

You Guessed it, it's time for a 2 for. Mark your calendars for August 2-6.

August 2nd we will start taking in fall items for consignment. What exactly are we looking for? It's hard to think about Fall when it's 90 degrees out, right? Some things we will be looking for are light jackets, jeans, layering pieces, light weight scarves, and light weight sweaters. Just think of those Friday night football games with that cool crisp air, sounds amazing to me right now with this humidity.

All Fall items taken in August 2-6 will not be placed on the floor for purchase until the following week.

What happens when we are looking for new inventory based on a season change????

Blowout Sale!!!! WooHoo, gotta love a sale. We sure do, especially when there is still so much time to wear your great finds. The week of August 2-6 we are having our Sizzling Summer Deals Week. You can enjoy 25% off your purchase of summer clothing and shoes. This does not apply to purses, accessories, furniture or store decor.

We don't have any extra sales very often so make sure you stop and check it out!

If you have not like us on Facebook yet make sure to like out page and request to be a member of our exclusive group. We post items in this exclusive sneak peek group before items go out on the sales floor. If you like something comment for a hold and we will put it aside until the end of the next business day.

See you soon,


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