• Melissa and Erin

Dreams, Passion and Laughter = Success

In order to make something memorable and remarkable it has to first be built with Love. Melissa and I had a dream that quickly turned into a reality, we would start a Women’s clothing and consignment boutique that looked and felt like no other. The details all the way down to the type of lighting and handmade “real people” body forms help showcase the unique blend of resale + boutique. We think of the shop as an extension of our homes. We want everyone that comes in to feel at home and welcomed. The way we do that is by connecting, interacting, laughing, and of course helping you find exactly what you didn’t know you needed. The environment in the shop is light, playful, and almost always funny. Selling thrifted clothing and accessories is a passion of ours but combining it with the opportunity to create friendships with our customers makes for the perfect recipe for success. In a time where lots of retail clothing stores are going out of business we feel confident in our recycle/reuse boutique. The character of the shop as well as the characters of M.E. makes for a memorable experience for sure! 

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